Why Should We Upgrade Our Control Systems?

electrical control systems

An industrial facility depends on many moving parts. All of those motors, pumps, compressors and other electrical devices do not operate independently of one another. Their activities are orchestrated by control systems: systems which receive input, process data, and send output that controls all of their interconnected parts.

If you’re dissatisfied by any aspect of your control systems, upgrading them will do far more than address that single shortcoming – it will effectively enhance every aspect of your facility’s operations. When a control system becomes more efficient and reliable, any electrical devices it governs can only follow suit.


The following are just some of the benefits you can expect when you welcome Mid States Electric Co’s expert wiring technicians to upgrade your federal or commercial industry’s control systems.


Reduced Labor Costs

Obsolete control systems require a greater degree of manual control over state-of-the-art ones. Current technology enables control systems to save “recipes” – series of automated commands that address whichever operational needs a facility and its devices may require at any given moment. In essence, an upgraded control system already contains the instructions it has to send out, whereas an outdated one requires a staff member to feed those instructions into it as needed. Modern control systems additionally make on-the-fly modifications to their recipes based on input they receive in real time.


Greater Energy Efficiency

An upgraded control system can include a feature known as Control Loop Performance Monitoring (CLPM). It constantly assesses industrial process control loops, detects when they are malfunctioning or underperforming, and diagnoses any problems it registers. CPLM does not merely reduce operating costs by detecting when an interconnected device is wasting energy. It also helps to improve that device’s operational performance, as well as significantly extend its overall lifespan.


Faster Repairs

Electrical engineering is a fast-paced industry. New and improved control systems are constantly introduced to the market, which means that technical support and replacement parts for obsolete systems become increasingly difficult to find. When you upgrade to the latest control systems, you’re assured immediate diagnostic information, expedient maintenance and readily available parts that will substantially shorten your facility’s downtime. 


Capacity for Expansion

Computer efficiency continually improves at a nearly exponential rate. Whereas out-of-date control systems may struggle to keep up with your facility’s production needs, new ones will very likely provide even greater capacity than it currently requires. This will give you the freedom to expand your operation at any point in the foreseeable future, which is ideal if you already anticipate growth.


Enhanced Capabilities

Once they are upgraded, your control systems will prove capable of handling more complicated tasks, as well as improve communication between vertically and horizontally integrated devices. Data provided by upgraded control systems will provide your staff with a clearer overview of your facility’s operational processes, and also identify opportunities to improve efficiency and safeguard against threats to cyber security. Your team can even access data remotely, which is of especial value to any of its members who work from home.


Reduced energy consumption. Improved reliability. Faster troubleshooting. Less downtime. Enhanced productivity. Easier future expansion. If you would like to realize all these advantages of upgrading the control systems at your facility and more, then we welcome you to contact Mid States Electric Co today. We service the industrial electrical needs of Sioux City, IA and the entire Midwest, and we’re standing by to provide industry-leading control systems and the training required to receive their best performance.