The Role of Electrical Contractors in Sustainable Energy Solutions
Blue photovoltaic solar panels mounted on building roof for producing clean ecological electricity at sunset. Production of renewable energy concept.

Renewable energy, which includes solar, wind and geothermal power, comprised almost 20% of utility-scale electricity generation in the United States in 2020 – a 42% increase over 2010. If current projections are correct, sustainable energy is due to become even more important to the American economy over the coming decades.

  • Optimization – By assessing and auditing systems that are already in place, electrical contractors will identify opportunities to optimize efficiency. Smart lighting systems, energy-efficient appliances, and efficiency-enhancing industrial electrical panels are just some of the eco-friendly upgrades electrical contractors can recommend and install.
  • Infrastructure upgrades – Transformers. Wiring systems. Lighting systems. Electrical contractors will upgrade all of these to ensure they are capable of keeping pace with rising demand for green energy.
  • Education – Electrical contractors’ training doesn’t just qualify them to build and update infrastructure. They will also help property owners understand what they can do to maintain electrical sustainable energy systems, thus reducing their overhead and making their transition more lucrative.
  • Regulatory compliance – State, municipal and federal codes for electrical systems – including ones that incorporate green technology – can appear byzantine and impenetrable to the layman. Electrical contractors will interpret the regulations surrounding renewable energy solutions on their clients’ behalf and ensure their energy systems are fully compliant.
  • Safety – As always, minimizing the risks of property damage and bodily injury will remain electrical contractors’ chief objective. Installing, maintaining and repairing green energy systems in strict accordance with industry standards is essential to garnering public trust in novel technology.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Sustainable Energy Solutions?

A business that incorporates sustainable energy into its existing electrical infrastructure benefits from lower operating expenses, improved building performance, increased occupant comfort, and greater energy independence. Future advancements in green technology only promise greater savings and performance to business owners in the future.

Although a single business’s carbon footprint is generally small in the grand scheme of things, environmentally minded stakeholders always like to see efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The general public also typically holds more favorable views of businesses that make concerted efforts to minimize their environmental impact. A healthier brand image has never impeded a business’s success.


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