Powering Up: Our Comprehensive Medium Voltage System Services
Medium Voltage Installation

Lest anyone accuse us of sounding elitist, let us say right off the bat that we do not look down on residential electricians. Their work is just as complex as it is vital to the community, and they cannot have earned their positions without extensive study and training. We applaud commercial electricians for the same reasons. 

That said, an industrial electrician operates at a higher level – literally. Residential electricians seldom use single-phase power supplies that exceed 240 volts. Commercial electricians’ three-phase approach typically reaches no more than 480 volts. But if you’re a Mid States Electric industrial electrician, you’re spending each and every day designing, installing, maintaining and repairing medium voltage systems.

Don’t let the word “medium” lead you astray. A medium voltage system typically ranges from 1,000 to 35,000 volts. To put it into perspective, that’s the kind of voltage normally generated by a coal plant or a hydroelectric dam, and it’s necessary to support normal operations at the vast majority of industrial facilities as well.

What Does an Industrial Electrician Do Differently?

If an industrial electrician utilized the same training, techniques and equipment as a residential or commercial electrician, the outcome would be catastrophic. Here are the reasons why Mid States Electric’s work assures safety and reliability at every facility we have the honor of servicing throughout the Midwest.

  • Training. No one becomes an industrial electrician without first having received extensive training. To earn the distinction of becoming an industrial electrician, a high school graduate or GED recipient must complete an electrician training program at a trade school, apprentice under an electrician for at least four years, pass the Journeyman electrician exam, work under a master electrician, pass the Master electrician exam, obtain certain industry certifications, and then continue to take educational courses throughout the remainder of their career. An electrician has to demonstrate mastery of their trade before they can join the Mid States Electric team.
  • Techniques. An industrial electrician must possess a broad skill set, as no two production plants’ electrical needs are ever identical. They must have mastered the installation, repair and maintenance of heavy-duty equipment including pumps, lighting systems, motors, generators and other medium voltage systems. In addition to designing such systems, an industrial electrician can immediately detect potential issues by analyzing their components’ specifications and performance. Whether they’re troubleshooting or performing in-depth installation and repair, an industrial electrician strictly adheres to all applicable codes and safety protocol.
  • Equipment. Medium voltage installation demands significantly different tools and materials. For example, while residential electricians commonly install Romex wire, and commercial electricians primarily implement MTC and MC cable, an industrial electrician uses rigid metal conduit – a substantial type of cabling that is suitable for higher-voltage applications. Likewise, an industrial electrician’s circuit boards, outlets, switches and lighting fixtures all differ significantly from the components typically installed in residential and commercial properties.

An Industrial Electrician Does It All

A safe, reliable and cost-effective manufacturing plant cannot exist unless its management partners with a reputable medium voltage installation service. But installation is only one aspect of the industrial-grade electrical services Mid States Electric offers. In addition to installation, our expert team designs, coordinates, maintains, repairs and troubleshoots our clients’ intricate electrical systems throughout the Midwest. We’re available to lend our expertise to the design and construction of a new factory, just like we’re standing by to upgrade, expand or modify any existing facility’s medium voltage electrical system – on time, within budget, and with total transparency.

Make certain your production facility’s electrical system is exclusively serviced by the best in the business. Contact Mid States Electric today to learn more about our wide range of industrial services, or to request a bid for our work at your property. When you choose Mid States Electric, you’re powering up your business!