Gavins Point Dam Federal Project
gavins point dam

Mid States Electric’s electricians are proud to lend their talents to any industry that could benefit from them. Whether we’re designing, manufacturing, and installing the equipment an industrial facility needs in order to reach its production goals, maintaining and repairing a commercial facility’s equipment, or ensuring that an ethanol plant can continue to operate safely and profitably.


But not all of our clients operate in the private sector. We are prepared to meet the needs of the public sector and know we have attained the highest plane of success whenever a municipal or state government engages our services.


Fully satisfying the demands of a client that spends over $10 trillion annually is good for business, but that’s not the only reason why we work so hard. We’re also eager to put our mark on these large public work projects, and we enjoy any chance we can get to service the largest electrical installations in existence.


That’s why we accepted the opportunity to work on the Gavins Point Dam. It is an important piece of civil engineering: the southernmost of six dams on the Missouri River, which was constructed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers from 1952 until 1957 and became operational two years prior to its completion.


We can’t take full responsibility for all the benefits the Gavins Point Dam provides to the public at large. Even so, we’ll take heart knowing that our contribution to it will have the following impacts for many years to come.


Electricity Generation


Hydropower accounts for almost 6.2% of all electricity generated in the United States each year. The Gavins Point Dam is capable of generating 132,300 average kilowatt hours annually: electricity which is supplied throughout Cedar County, NE, Yankton County, SD and surrounding areas. Pretty good for a renewable energy source!




Gavins Point Dam is a 1.9-mile-long embankment rolled-earth and chalk-fill dam that guards Lewis and Clark Lake from the Missouri River. The 31,400-acre lake is one of the Great Plains’ most popular recreation areas, attracting more than 2 million visitors each year. Catering to so many tourists is enormously profitable to locally owned Nebraskan and South Dakotan businesses. The dam also gives residents free access to camping, fishing, hunting, and boating.


Flood Prevention


Gavins Point Dam’s spillway normally releases up to 270,000 gallons per second via the powerhouse. But when the Missouri River is really raging, the dam’s 14 floodgates can be opened to release up to 4.65 million gallons of water per second. The Gavin Point Dam’s largest release to date was 1.2 million gallons per second, which coincided with the historic Missouri River flood of 2011.


Working on the Gavins Point Dam allowed our team to change the world for the better. We wish to extend our gratitude to the federal government for making Mid States Electric a part of its team, and welcome any others to contact us today. Our Lawton, IA electrical contractor is standing by to make the Midwest, Oklahoma, and Texas better places to live in!