fire alarm and datacom

Safety and Security Are Invaluable

At Mid States Electric, we believe the safety of your employees, customers, and industrial facility plays a key role in your success and overall peace of mind. Especially in emergencies, you can’t afford shoddy workmanship when it comes to protecting your assets; these systems must be put in place correctly the first time and be maintained and serviced regularly. We provide expert fire alarm and datacom installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Central United States for intercoms, access control panels, video surveillance equipment, automation systems, and more. With Mid States Electric, you can be confident that your fire alarm and datacom systems are installed correctly the first time. We will also work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

Benefits Of Working With Mid States Electric

When you choose Mid States Electric for your fire and datacom systems, you receive the benefit of working with well-trained technicians who have extensive experience in the field. Not only will these systems work correctly, but you’ll also enjoy optimal integration with existing equipment right from the start. We only incorporate the best manufacturers to ensure you have top-quality products and service. No matter if it’s a new build, or you’re looking to improve on your existing one, we have had the experience necessary to carry out the project.

To have your system functioning as quickly as possible, we do all of the legwork, including completing applications and documents and obtaining permits and approval.


We follow through to completion, including making final connections, programming, and final testing.


We ensure that all requirements are identified and met in order to render a letter of completion or certificate of occupancy.

What components are used in a commercial fire alarm system?

  • Fire alarm control panel – After signals come in from detectors, the FACU will send signals to the outputs, the notification devices, to alert people in the vicinity. Recalling elevators, notifying any monitor station, and turning off the HVAC system are also functions of the FACU.
  • Devices to initiate – Devices come in the form of pull stations and detectors for duct, smoke, beam, and heat. Tamper switches and flow switches are also initiating devices.
  • Pull stations – These alarm stations are the conventional hand-operated fire alarm initiators we all see along walls. They are red and white in color, making them stand out and universally recognizable.
  • Duct detectors – Installed within AC and heating ducts, these recognize when smoke is in the duct, and turn off air handling units to prevent smoke from spreading throughout the facility by ducts.
  • Smoke detectors – Senses smoke, and they have two classifications. Ionization detectors signal when smoke particles disrupt ions flowing between two electrically charged plates. Photoelectric detectors have a small chamber where LED lights shoot a beam and signal when smoke particles scatter the beam of light within the small chamber.
  • Heat detectors – Two methods comprise heat detectors, Rate-of-rise, and fixed temperature. The rate-of-rise detector will signal if the rate at which the temperature rises is higher than a specific value. Fixed temperature signals when the element is at or above the specified value.
  • Aspirating/air sampling smoke detector – The air sampling method uses tubes for air/smoke to travel to a central detector to recognize minuscule changes to the chemical composition of the sample air.
  • Flow switches – Using paddles within water-filled pipes, water flow switches are designed to work if water flows from a single sprinkler.
  • Devices for notification – Used as the notification system for audio and visual notification to occupants.
  • Tamper switches – Initiating device that signals if the valve is moved from the regular position.
  • Sound devices – Sirens, bells, and horns designed to notify occupants audibly.
  • Strobes – Lights designed to flash as a visual notifier.
  • Dialers/Communicators – Certain alarm systems are equipped with internal or external dialers to contact monitoring centers or receiving stations. They may use radio signals, internet, or phone lines to establish the signal.
  • Notification Appliance Circuit  (NAC) Power Supply – With the advanced fire protection systems developed for today, extra power is required. This is where the NAC Power Supply comes into play to ensure the notification systems, switches, detectors, etc. are all operable in time of need.

What is datacom?

Datacom or Telecom is the term used to describe the transferring of information over large distances electronically. This can include voice, data, and video transmissions. Telephones, both wired and wireless, fiber optic cables, microwaves used for communication, satellites, radio/television broadcasts, the internet, and even telegraphs are methods used in datacom.

What components make up a datacom system?

Five components make up the datacom system, and they include a Message, Sender, Receiver, Medium of Transmission, and Rules (Protocol).

The Message

  • The message refers to the information, or data, that is being communicated. This can take many forms, like an audio recording, an image, video, etc.

The Sender

  • The sender refers to the device that is used to send the message, and can be a computer, cellphone, laptop, camera, etc.

The Receiver

  • The device that receives the message from the sender, and as such can be similar devices.

Medium of Transmission

  • The medium refers to the method connecting the sender and the receiver. The connection can be wired or wireless. Wired methods include twisted cable or fiber optic cables. Wireless methods can be radio, microwaves, Wi-Fi, etc.

Rules (Protocol)

  • The Protocol has to be created and established for both connected devices to be either the sender or receiver, and it is created by the designers of the communication system.

Where does Mid States Electric install fire alarm systems and datacom?

Our electrical contractors proudly serve the midwest region of the United States and specifically the following states:

North DakotaSouth DakotaNebraska