How to Choose the Right Electrical Contractor for Your Industrial Project
industrial electrical contractor

When you hire a great industrial electrician, you’ll know it. They will communicate openly, they will arrive when they are expected, they will spend their time on-site wisely, and they will do everything in their power to keep your costs down. And perhaps most importantly, their results will prove flawless: correct, safe, efficient and long-lasting, which are every industrial facility’s goals.


Fortunately, the hallmarks of a great electrical contractor aren’t exclusively apparent after you have hired one. Before you select a contractor that specializes in industrial electrical systems, do a little research. The best electrical contractors all share these qualifications: experience, credentials, insurance and references.




A capable industrial electrician will already have spent thousands of hours working as an apprentice, a journeyman, and finally as a master. They have been in business for a long time, just like Mid States Electric has been in business for over three decades.


Confirm that your next industrial electrician is currently active as well. Ask them to provide a few examples of their biggest recent projects. An electrician who serviced the hydraulic equipment at a large factory last week is vastly preferable to one who hasn’t completed a project since Bush was in office.




At the very least, an industrial electrician must show some official proof that they are trained and qualified for the job. The Electrical Technician Certification, which is issued by the Equipment & Engine Training Council, is a common credential among industrial electricians. Other certifications issued by accredited institutions also demonstrate that an industrial electrician is committed to their trade, such as the one ETA International issues for industrial electronics.


Most states require electricians to have special licenses. Iowa is one of them. There are actually 11 different electrical licenses here, ranging from apprentice to master. A Master Electrician is defined as having “the necessary qualifications, training, experience, and technical knowledge to properly plan, lay out, and supervise the installation of electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment for light, heat, power, and other purposes.” In addition to that license, a qualified industrial electrician should have an Electrical Contractor license (or, alternatively, work for someone who does).




Ideally, you would never have to file a claim against a contractor’s insurance policy – or take their insurance provider to court. But if you do, you at least have an opportunity to recoup losses resulting from the contractor’s negligence. 


You would be much worse off if you were owed compensation by a contractor who does not have insurance at all. That’s why it is especially important to ask for proof of insurance before you hire an industrial electrician. If they don’t do their job correctly, they could cause extensive and expensive property damage.


Want to make sure your industrial electrician is insured? Hire one headquartered in Iowa, where they are required by state law to maintain a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance. 




If they have a track record of meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations, an industrial electrician should be able to provide plenty of professional references. Be apprehensive about a contractor who doesn’t provide references. That could indicate their recent clients only have negative (or at best neutral) opinions about their work.


No contractor voluntarily provides negative references. That’s why you should also consider consulting third-party review sources. For example, Mid States Electric’s A+ with the Better Business Bureau and 4.8/5 on Facebook both speak to the great number of industrial property managers who were fully satisfied by our work.

If you are looking for an industrial electrician in the Midwest, then picking the best one is easy: contact Mid States Electric of Lawton, IA today. We’re standing by to take care of all your installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and upgrading needs!