About Us

Serving INDUSTRY Since 1991

Mid States Electric Co, Inc. was founded when the current owners, Justin Hamar, Jim Henschen, and Brian Henschen, bought out Chase Electric in 1991. Working off Chase Electric’s client base and from the same home office in Sioux City, IA, we began serving industries in the region.

In nearly 30 years of business, Mid States Electric has evolved into one of the premier industrial electrical contractors in the Midwest. Having outgrown our original facility, in 2009 we expanded and relocated to our current location in Lawton, IA.

We got our start primarily meeting the electrical needs of meat packers throughout Iowa and Nebraska. Over time, other food processors and general contractors sought us out, and we expanded our services to include material handling and ammonia refrigerated cold storage plants. We now also serve the ethanol, oil, biodiesel, water, and wind energy industries.

Open Communication

Since our inception, our focus has been on providing our clients with unmatched service. This begins by answering all communications in a timely manner. We return all phone calls and answer texts and emails as quickly as possible. You can expect to have your concerns heard and your questions addressed in a straightforward manner.

On Time Every Time

Nothing has the power to derail a project and send costs skyrocketing like delays do. At Mid States Electric, our crews know that when we say we’ll be at a jobsite at a certain time on a certain day, we’ll be there. And, when we’re onsite, we use our time efficiently, knowing that downtime affects your bottom line.

Unmatched Quality

We operate under the motto “right the first time.” As a locally owned and operated company, we have the great fortune of being able to handpick our team. We could not be prouder of the people who represent us on jobsites each day. They are committed to producing electrical work of the highest possible quality, and they do it with unmatched safety. We might own the business, but we owe much of our fine reputation to the professionals we employ.

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