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Handling Services

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Ensure the Efficient
Handling of Your Materials

Does your company need to store, move, protect, or control goods and products at various stages of production? Are you desperate to streamline the system you have in place for receiving and shipping products? We can’t stress enough the importance of having a qualified electrical engineer design your material handling system. The electrical components must be installed properly and maintained to ensure the system is working efficiently at all times. Mid States Electric is the premier electrical contractor for materials handling in the Midwest.

We Work with a Broad Range of Industries

We have experience in meeting the electrical needs of clients in all areas of material handling, from the simple to the complex. We have partnered with meat packers, food production plants, grain handlers, parts manufacturers, government entities, ethanol refineries, and more, and we have worked on everything from conveyors to automated packaging, sorting, and dispatching systems.

Streamline Your System and Improve Your Bottom Line

We can provide you with solutions for existing space problems, design a system to make efficient use of a new facility, or integrate a new system with an existing one, and avoid bottlenecks that can slow or stop production. From raw materials handling to manufacturing, and from warehousing to distribution and shipping, Mid States Electric will help your company streamline its operations and improve your bottom line!