Control System Upgrades


Automated Control systems are indispensable for ensuring that industrial facilities run safely, effectively, and efficiently. Advancements in automation technologies allow companies to become more efficient as they increase production and decrease labor costs. As automation in all areas of industry increases, the need to upgrade existing control systems grows with it. Whatever industry you’re involved in, Mid States Electric can upgrade the controls on your existing control system in order to fully automate newly installed equipment. Our team of control system engineers will work with you to determine the most effective upgrade specific to your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our control system upgrades.

Minimize Disruptions

We have extensive experience in upgrading wiring, installing electrical components, and performing systems testing, as well as start-up of newly upgraded control systems, and we have worked on projects of every scope for a wide range of applications across a great variety of industries. Whether you have installed a new system to your facility or are increasing your capabilities with a systems upgrade, we can help make the transition a seamless one.

We Would Be Proud to Earn Your Business

We adhere to schedules, work within budgets, and go the extra mile to earn the trust of our clients. Please contact us for more information on industrial control system upgrades in the Midwest.